The Books

The Truth Is A Lie and The Logical Path to Life are revolutionary books, written by Mindset Founder Harry Petsanis, which allow you to pull back the curtain in your Land of Oz and reveal your world as it really is, not as you and others have told you, convinced you, and conditioned you to believe that it is.

The Lifestyle

Starting from the foundation laid with The Books we work together to establish lifestyle changes and pathways which support the Be You With Us mentality.

Following your roadmap will empower maintenance of the revolutionary revision and redirection your life is now taking.


Everyone needs guidance. That's the problem. With such a pervasive need there are countless avenues a person can take that have nothing to do with them and their issues.  We change all that and flip the script so that you receive accountability coaching that is tailored authentically for you.

The Mindset Message

Be You With Us.

The Mindset mission is to teach you to think for yourself. 

We start with the deconstruction of how you currently think, which is based on everything that you've been told and taught to think. Once you understand that a lot of those teachings were told for the benefit of the person teaching you, and once you've learned to dismiss many, if not most of those teachings, then you can build a foundation around how you really think, feel, and believe.  When you successfully reach that point, you've got a great chance of succeeding at being the person that deep down you really want to be.

magical contact between man and nature

Your First Step...

The first step is to get the books, read them, digest them and let them start your journey.  Once you do, we will be here, all of us, tens of thousands of people just like you, who are embracing the Be You With Us movement.