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Our Approach

It's about you.  From the moment you start to view this Web site or interact with anyone associated with the Be You, With Us movement, you will have moved significantly away from the masked you and toward revealing the true you behind the mask which has been screaming to be free but has been powerless to do so until now.

Our philosophy and method revolve around getting you to think for yourself in radical and revolutionary ways and then supporting you as you grow into that authentic you.

Meet the Team

We just want you to know that we are here for you as you continue to delve deeper into being more comfortable being your true self.  Here are a few introductions to some folks you will meet on the Be You With Us path.

Harry Petsanis



Harry Petsanis is 53 years old. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Akron in 1991. Harry loves fitness, which he lives and breathes every day.  With a lifetime of success in the fitness industry, Harry is helping his patrons live the fitness lifestyle for over 25 years.  Harry loves psychology and the human psyche the most. Adept at cognitive thinking from an early age, Harry has developed a very different perspective of the world.   That perspective and his message have begun to rapidly resonate worldwide via his followers on Twitter which have organically grown to more than 75,000.

Tiffany Abbott


Accountability Agreement Advisor

Tiffany Abbott developed a love of reading and critical analysis of texts while pursuing her BA in English. Not long after graduating, she found her true calling and passion for teaching English at the high school level. With the philosophy that people should be forever learners, she has an MS in Reading and is pursuing an MA in English. With more than ten years of experience in education, she is excited to be working with Harry on co-authoring future books and advising and consulting the growing Be You, With Us movement.

Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis Head Shot #2_ (002)

Public Relations Director

Lisa Davis comes to Mindset with deep experience and exceptional accomplishment in Health and Wellness Radio and Television.  She is the Creator, Host, & Producer of It's Your Health Network heard on NPR & commercial radio, the Producer and Co-Host of Naturally Savvy, & the Producer and Co-Host of Just Ask David.  Lisa will also be the Health Expert in the upcoming Season 2 of Docu-Reality Series Reversed on The Discovery Life Channel.

With a Master’s Degree in Public Health Education and Promotion from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and such rich and varied experience, Lisa is the perfect fit for Mindset as our Director of Public Relations.