The Books

The Truth Is A Lie and The Logical Path To Life are revolutionary books, written by Mindset Founder Harry Petsanis, which allow you to pull back the curtain in your Land of Oz and reveal your world as it really is, not as you and others have told you, convinced you, and conditioned you to believe that it is.

The Lifestyle

Starting from the foundation laid with the books, we work with you to establish lifestyle changes and pathways which allow you to Be You With Us.

Following this roadmap will allow you to maintain the revolutionary revision and redirection your life is now taking.


Everyone needs guidance. That's the problem. With such a pervasive need there are countless avenues a person can take that have nothing to do with them and their issues. Harry changes all that and flips the script so that you receive accountability coaching that is tailored authentically for you.

The Truth Is A Lie...

Every day, people believe they're at war. They believe they're at war with society, the world & with other people. Which is absolutely 100% correct. The reason they're at war with society and other people around the world is that they haven't won the battle within themselves. Every day people are walking a fine line within themselves of being the person they want to be vs. being the person they've been taught and told to be.  Sadly, when push comes to shove, they tend to teeter before eventually siding with the person they've been taught and told to be. This happens because they're too weak, too afraid, too lazy, and too worried about how they'll be perceived & what people think of them to steer themselves to the other side. Inherently, we don't want to acknowledge and admit that the people who were entrusted to teach us, educate us and care for us had self-serving reasons when they were doing it.  We still want to hang on to that degree of idealism, because we know if we don't hang on to it, not only are we going to have to work hard & look at ourselves differently, it's going to force us to look at the people that cared for us who we love differently as well, and we don't want to do that. The Truth is a Lie will remove the blindfold that's crippled you for far too long and use real-life situations to effectively show how these scenarios are clearly visible in all of our lives

The Logical Path To Life

The Logical Path to Life is simply prioritizing logic over emotion.  I believe people were meant to be beings of logic with moments of emotion.  Instead, most beings are emotionally driven with intermittent moments of logic.

Logic is nothing more than looking at facts, clues, and pieces of evidence and drawing a conclusion.  In that way, people should strive to be like and emulate Sherlock Holmes.  Holmes possessed the greatest super power of all, the gift of logic.  It is a gift that many people possess but rarely use.  Instead people choose the emotional path to life.  The emotional path to life draws conclusions and then recreates every fact, clue and piece of evidence to validate that pre-drawn conclusion.

Holmes is a character that has always fascinated me.  His immense need for logic is challenged by his numerous character flaws and faults.  In this way, Holmes is an archetype for us all.  Deviation from the logical path to life has caused me to question my foundation. That deviation often caused me to make emotional decisions.  These emotional decisions made me realize that my foundation was not the problem it was the deviation from that foundation.

Along with Holmes I have great admiration for the core beliefs and principles of Bruce Lee.  Bruce Lee mastered the straight-line theory but freed that theory from the foundation that was holding it back.  His freestyle foot movement allowed him to identify his opponent’s least balanced point and strike with all the power of straight-line theory Kung Fu thereby devastating his opponent.  When people think emotionally they are exposing their most vulnerable position.  The logical path to life is an orientation which allows a person to maintain their emotions and yet be effective in a facts-based world.

Be You, With Us.

Tens of thousands of people are already benefiting from the Be You With Us movement.  In many ways, we are a family growing strong the way we were entitled to but didn't.

We invite you to work with us to maximize the rest of your life as it truly becomes your life.

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